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Гель лак PNB 158, 4 мл
  • Гель лак PNB 158, 4 мл
  • Гель лак PNB 158, 4 мл

Гель лак PNB 158, 4 мл

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The color of PNB gel polish has a romantic name "Wet Sand".

Beautiful beige with a touch of cappuccino will suit those who prefer quiet and noble colors in manicure.

Glossy enamel lies perfectly on your nails, giving them a neat and attractive look.

Nails, under such a gloss look harmoniously in the classic style of women's wardrobe.

Externally, the tone is very similar to the appetizing coffee caramel, so girls and women of all ages will like it.

Choose the right shade and buy gel polish for a good price at pnb-shop.com.ua.

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